8 Lash Extension Aftercare Tips – How to Make Your Lashes Last Longer

Move over, mascara. See you later, Latisse. Lash extensions are a luxurious way to enhance your already gorgeous features that yield fantastic results that last. Since lash extensions can cost you around $150-350 for the initial application, you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of every blink and wink. This article is here to help you do just that!

Here are 8 tips to getting the longest wear out of your new or touched up lash extensions.

Tip #1: Avoid Water For The First 24 Hours

Getting your lashes wet before the glue has time to set is the biggest no-no in the lash extension rule book , so make sure you stay away from the 3 S’s: steam, showers, and swimming for the first 24 hours. Water will cause the glue to start to dissolve, which will make your lashes start to fall off. Shower BEFORE you appointment to help keep you from needing to shower after you get your new lashes applied. 

Tip #2: Sleep On Your Back

Pressing your face into a pillow at night is a good way to crease or lose your lashes much faster. Laying on your back is proven to extend the life of your lashes. Side and stomach sleepers, this is a challenge for you! 

While it is hard to change sleeping habits, sleeping on your back can also help lower back pain as well, so think of this bedtime change-up as a win-win. Try getting an ergonomic neck pillow as they help you from tossing and turning at night and will keep you on your back easier while you sleep. 

Tip #3: Use Oil-Free/Alcohol-Free Make-Up Remover

Oil, alcohol and lash extensions do not get along, so make sure to steer clear of beauty products that have oil or alcohol as an ingredient, even lotions you use on your face. Using products with them in it can cause your lashes to come off earlier than they should. Lightly dab your makeup remover around your eyes and remove your remaining make up with a wipe (oil and alcohol free) or swab.

Tip #4: Comb And Clean Lashes Regularly

Cleaning and combing your new lash extensions is the easiest way to extend the life of your lashes. Though it seems self-explanatory, life can get in the way of even the simplest tasks so combing through your lashes and cleaning them is a new part of your morning routine. Lashes can get tangled while you sleep so brushing them out in the morning is recommended but of course doing it again before bed is a great idea as well. 

Washing them doesn’t have to add a step to your routine if you already wash your face for the night, but make sure you are using an oil and alcohol free face wash or it will be counterproductive. There are many lash-extension safe face washes on the market, or you can get one directly from the lash salon that does your extensions. 

Tip #6: Stay Away From Waterproof Mascara

It is hard to get waterproof mascara off our regular lashes, so getting it off of lash extensions can cause a lot of rubbing and tugging that can loosen up and cause your extensions to come off. Get the most out of your lashes and stay away from waterproof eye makeup. 

Tip #7: Use An Eyelash Sealant

Using an eyelash sealant every morning is a great way to extend the life of your lash extensions and keep your lashes in between fills. The sealant helps to extend the life of the adhesive used to keep the lashes attached to your natural lashes. Lash sealant is the best way to keep your investment looking fantastic between fills. 

Tip #8: Don’t Play With Them

Last but not least, resist the urge to toy around with your beautiful new lashes! Fidgeting with them will of course cause them to loosen and possibly fall out, so keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. The natural oils on your fingers aren’t good for your lashes either. If you find yourself messing with them, just remind yourself of how expensive every poke or prod is! 

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