Battle of the Eyelash Extensions: Classic vs Hybrid vs Volume Eyelash Extensions

You look at your eyelashes, and you think that they could look better. All of your friends have voluminous eyelashes that make them look gorgeous and you—well—you want to too! 

The thought of getting eyelash extensions is exciting. The before and after photos of people who’ve had them done are dramatic. So maybe you’ve decided it’s time to get your lashes done, but you’ve also realized when looking at the lash menu that there are a ton more options than you expected—so which one do you choose?

Today, we’ll take a look at the most popular eyelash extension styles and help you figure out which one is right for you.

Understanding the Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

Although you may think that all eyelash extensions are the same, this isn’t the case. There are differences between classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions. Let’s take a closer look.

Classic Eyelash Extensions 

The best-known eyelash extensions are the “classic” style (a.k.a. the “no extensions look,” or the “natural look”) because they don’t look much different from your natural eyelashes, aside from the added length. This more low-key look is excellent for anyone who wants a little bit of a fuller lash without the dramatic flair of a more exaggerated set.. 

This natural look is achieved by applying one eyelash extension to each of your regular eyelashes. In doing so, your stylist will achieve a 1:1 proportion. It’s this ratio that helps classic eyelash extensions look very natural.

For this process to work, it is best if you have a lot of natural lashes onto which you can add extensions. In doing so, you’ll be able to lengthen your lashes while still keeping a more natural look

Volume Eyelash Extensions

While we aren’t all blessed with great, voluminous natural eyelashes, it’s great to know that there’s something we can do about it. Irina Levchuk created volume eyelash extensions (a.k.a. Russian volume eyelash extensions) with you in mind. These extensions not only make your natural eyelashes look more complete, but they’ll last longer than classic eyelash extensions. 

There are many great reasons why people choose volume eyelash extensions. One of the main reasons is that since they’re more slender, your stylist can apply different lashes to one normal eyelash. Therefore, if you feel you have gaps in your lash line, you can fill them in with volume lashes.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions 

When you’re looking for a type of eyelash extension that’ll offer you length, fullness, and volume, the ideal choice is hybrid eyelash extensions. These extensions are more customized than either the classic or volume lash extensions. You’ll achieve a natural look with a hint of drama here because these eyelash extensions are wispy and textured for every eye individually.

Many stylists suggest trying this type of eyelash extension before trying a volume set. Doing so will enable you to see what eyelash extensions can do for you while also looking natural. These eyelash extensions aren’t too bold or dramatic unless you have sparse eyelashes. 

You may even want to consider trying hybrid eyelashes before trying classic eyelash extensions because, with the hybrid lashes, you won’t see any gaps between them. Hybrid lashes work so well because they’re a 70-30 combination of classic and volume lashes. In other words, they’ll give you the best of both worlds.

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