Is it Better to Wax or Shave?

Both waxing and shaving are hair removal methods…and that’s about where their similarities end. While both remove hair, each takes a different route to getting the desired results.

By the end of this article, you’ll know whether to pluck or sheer your way to smoother skin. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each before finding out the conclusion to the question: is it better to wax or shave? What’s better for your skin? Let’s find out!


Waxing: You can get a home waxing kit or make an appointment at your local spa to get waxed. 

Shaving: As long as you have a razor, you can get started shaving right away. Razors are sold at all drug stores. 


Waxing: Make sure your body hair in the area you want to get waxed has grown out at least a quarter of an inch before you get waxed or wax yourself. 

Shaving: You can shave basically anytime you need to. The only prep you need is to make sure you own a razor (and shaving cream if you want a smoother shave.) 

Visual Results

Waxing: The results of waxing are immaculate since the technician doing the waxing is a professional and that’s why it’s so popular. After a few sessions, body hair has been known to come back thinner than the session before, leading to less appointments overall as well as less hair. 

Shaving: You can achieve the smooth feel of waxing, but you have to keep shaving daily to keep the stubble away. Because shaving only takes off the first layer of skin with the hair, the follicle is untouched therefore it can grow longer and faster. 


Waxing: The nature of waxing is not one free of pain, but over the years aestheticians have figured out techniques to make waxing as comfortable as possible. Sure, your bikini area will still hurt, as the hair is being pulled out of the follicle, but the results are worth the temporary inconvenience of waxing.

Shaving: While shaving is less painful, if you get razor burn or cuts during your shave, you will definitely feel them for the next few showers or baths. 

Effects On Sensitive Skin

Waxing: Spas offer different options when it comes to waxes and you can choose a hypoallergenic wax and added ingredients to help with sensitive skin. 

Shaving: If you have sensitive skin, shaving can be a little hard to avoid getting rashes or razor burn. Cuts can be avoided with shaving creams and more expensive types of razors. Being careful and taking your time will help reduce the more painful issues, but you can still get ingrown hairs which can be painful and lead to an infection if not treated correctly.


Waxing: Since you need to purchase an at home kit or make an appointment with a professional (recommended for your first few times), waxing is more pricey than shaving, but you can sit back while someone else does the hard work for you.

Shaving: Razors come in a variety of prices. It is recommended not to go too cheap with your razor purchase as the less blades and skin protection, the more likely they are to accidentally cause damage to your skin via razor burn or cuts.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Waxing: Depending on what part of your body you have waxed, you won’t have to wax again for around 4 weeks. 

Shaving: The biggest downfall with shaving is how long it lasts. You basically have to shave every day to maintain the smoothness you get from waxing.

Tips For The Best Wax

Go to a highly rated salon or spa to get your waxes done and see the results of spending a little more on yourself. You can use the hair removal appointment as another form of self-care. You’ll look and feel great afterwards. 

Tips For The Best Shave

Make sure to take your time and don’t skim when it comes to buying razors. Buy a good razor so you can avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn as much as possible. 


While shaving is a fast and cheap way to remove your body hair, you will have to shave way more often for your skin to stay soft and hair free. Waxing ensures the hair stays gone and that your skin is smooth for up to a month, which is great for anyone who has a busy life. With ensured results and a boast of a month without worrying about body hair, waxing wins this round.

Get Waxed By The Best!

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