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I am absolutely addicted to Meg’s super skillful 4D lash application. I’ve gone elsewhere and nothing and no-one comes close to what she can do! It’s a little pricey but worth every penny. I started getting lashes right before the birth of my son so I would have great birth pics- TOTALLY recommend. Everyone comments how beautiful and bright eyed both of us are- after 18 hours of labor! Now I keep coming back b/c I never have yucky mommy days…even with no makeup (who needs more than these showstoppers?) and no shower- I still look like I woke up amazing. (I woke up every 90 minutes!) It’s my New Mommy indulgence. I LOVE this little gem of a studio and Meg is pretty fabulous. I feel glamorous hanging with her for that wee bit then I go out and be glam on my own. Go. What are you waiting for?
– Cohni A.

Ashley is the only person I trust, other than myself to do anything when it comes to my hair, skin, etc.
I’ve been seeing her for 2 months at Dulce and each experience has been amazing.
My full set was a first time for me and she explained everything thoroughly about care and maintenance, along with what to expect with my lashes growing out and such. She’s very steady and gentle with her hands and she lets you know what she’s doing with her tools and when something is happening (curing my glue, cleaning my makeup off, applying another lash). I also like how she knows when to have a conversation and knows when I just want to relax and sleep 😉 she answered any questions I had and scheduling my fill was easy.
My fill appointment was super easy and quick. I was in and out looking more than fabulous in almost an hour. I knew what to expect this time so there wasn’t anything new or foreign to me.
I love this place and will continue to come here forever, hopefully. The salon is so cute, and clean, and the staff are so warm and welcoming to accommodating any needs I have along with being patient with me when I’m extra needy. I have referred multiple girls to Ashley and they have had nothing but positive experiences.. 🙂
– Anna F.

I am seriously obsessed with this place. I have been going for almost a year now and it’s made SUCH a difference to my makeup routine. Getting ready is so easy in the morning and the lashes stay on for a good 3-4 weeks. I don’t wear mascara or eyeliner anymore and get tons of compliments on my lashes. I’ve gone to both the Mercer Island location and the Seattle location – both are great.
Meg hands-down deserves a shout out. She is incredible. spectacular. meticulous. self-aware. in general everything you could want in a lash expert. She does an excellent job and is a true perfectionist. She’s also really gentle and kind, which I appreciate because you don’t want to be rushed or feel stressed out while you’re getting them done. I look forward to my appointments days in advance.
Couldn’t say enough good things about this place. Love Dulce!
– Ke C.

When I first started going to Dulce lash lounge, the first thing that stood out to me was how kind the staff was! When I got my first set of lashes I had only planned on getting them done once, because I was attending Coachella music festival and didn’t want to fuss with makeup! After seeing how incredible they were and how much they enhanced and defined my eyes (which are hooded, I might add) I became obsessed! I now go in every couple of weeks for a fill with Drey! I am always impressed with how Drey pays attention to small details, always asks me about how I care for my lashes, and gives me tips on how to make sure they last! I think it’s important to understand that fall out will be different every time based on how you care for them and how the natural lash grows. The other thing I love about Drey is that he always makes me feel super comfortable! Half the time he does my lashes, I fall asleep because I’m so relaxed! Haha.
The other thing I want to add is that I LOVE THE NEW AND IMPROVED LOCATION! it’s absolutely beautiful and looks so clean and inviting when I walk in. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to try lashes for the first time or even if you’re looking for a new place to get your lashes done! I have never had a bad experience here, and reading some of the other reviews made me kind of annoyed because I know how amazing the staff is and how incredible their work is! If your lashes fall out it might not have anything to do with your technician, but maybe how you cared for them, so just be aware of that! 🙂
– Megan R.

Alexis gave me the most beautiful set of mink lashes yesterday and I truly couldn’t be happier. I was a little nervous at first, as this was my first experience, but Alexis quickly calmed my fears. She is so gentle and calm and thoughtfully placed each lash. I very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I sat up and looked in the mirror. Beautiful, perfect, natural looking lashes! The facility is clean and comfortable with mod, swanky décor. The bed was comfortable and there was great music playing. It was really a fabulous experience beginning to end. If you’re thinking about lashes, don’t hesitate. This is a trustworthy, professional establishment that does beautiful work.
– Lisa B.

Ohhh-weee, do I ever love lashes. There’s just something about rolling out of bed and looking fabulous. Or maybe it’s rolling out of bed and *not* looking like your blond, stubby lashes are staring back at you in fierce protest of the black, goopy mascara you’re about to drown them in. Whatever the case may be, lash extensions have become a bit of a beauty addiction.
I don’t know what kind of lash salon I’d deemed acceptable before, but Dulce Lash Lounge blew them all out of the water. It felt more like a day spa than a salon! The bed was super comfy, the bathroom was equipped with everything I needed to remove my aforementioned goopy mascara, and between the soothing music and Lizabet’s gentle application, I basically took a 1.5-hour glamor nap. If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you’ll definitely get what you pay for.”
– Laura N.
Angela is AMAZING! Im completely committed to her for several reasons. She knows everything there is to know about lashes. She guided me to the right application that gave me the look I wanted without compromising the health of my natural lashes. A lot of other places will just do whatever without considering what will work best for the natural lash. I found out how important it is to clean my lashes….oils can cause your lashes to shed prematurely, now that Im taking proper care of them I can go longer in between fills. Ive seen several of her girls and every experience is awesome! I LOVE my lashes!! Very precise and meticulous! There work is a testament to how busy they are, so I schedule my fill appointments through there online system (which I love) in the evening after my fill appointments. Sooo convenient. Professional, friendly, and esthetically pleasing, All around a great place and great experience! Oh, and the pricing is very affordable, Love the fill packages!”
– Carlena H.