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Meraki Beauty Supply Kits

The DulcePRO training program uses Meraki Beauty products.

Trial Kit

Included in DulcePRO Training Courses

A Snapshot of what the Meraki Beauty Classic Course Trial Kit includes:

  • Mixed Length Lash Trays
  • Curved Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • Straight Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • BioGel Eyepad Sets
  • Premier Adhesive
  • Primer
  • Gel Remover
  • Glue Rings
  • Mascara Wands
  • Non-Woven Tape
  • Lint Free Q-Tips
  • Micro-Pore Swabs
  • Meraki Beauty Oil Free Makeup Remover
  • Jade Stone
  • Air Blower
  • Storage Box

Pro Kit

Upgrade to the Pro Kit for $200

The Meraki Beauty Classic Course Pro Kit includes the Trial Kit, plus:

  • Additional Mixed Lash Trays
  • Additional Pairs Curved Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • Additional Pairs Straight Tweezers
  • Additional BioGel Eyepad Sets
  • Additional Glue Rings
  • Additional Mascara Wands
  • Additional Lint-Free Q-Tips
  • 5oz Meraki Beauty Oil-Free Makeup Remover
  • 5oz Meraki Beauty Foaming Cleanser
  • Nano Mister
  • Lash Bath Cleanser
  • Mini Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Cosmetic Sponges
  • Sample Client Intake Form