What Is a HydroFacial?

What Is a HydroFacial?

A hydrofacial is an excellent way to improve your overall skin condition and is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking a more effective and gentle alternative to traditional microdermabrasion. A hydrofacial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a healthy, glowing complexion.

A hydrofacial, also called a hydrafacial or hydrodermabrasion, not only exfoliates and cleans your skin, it goes a step further and rejuvenates and hydrates it. Hydrofacials combine various methods to significantly improve common skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea and can reduce the signs of aging.

Even if you have had a facial before, consider experiencing the magic of a hydrofacial. We will tell you about hydrofacials so you know what to expect and how they can significantly improve your skin and leave it glowing.

What Does a HydroFacial Do For Your Skin?

A hydrofacial is ideal for improving your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating it and is a gentle and effective way to improve your skin texture, rejuvenate your skin to give you a radiant appearance, and reduce signs of aging.

A hydrofacial is an extension of microdermabrasion and uses the same basic principle, including simultaneous exfoliation and suction of dead skin from the surface of the epidermis. However, hydrofacials go a step further, infusing the skin with a mixture of nourishing and hydrating ingredients providing a deeper cleanse of the pores.

A hydrofacial will help to even out your skin tone and texture and improve the overall health of your skin, leaving it much smoother. Hydrofacials use potent infusions to enhance the plumpness of your skin and diminish wrinkles and fine lines resulting in an anti-aging effect.

Is a Hydrofacial Good For All Skin Types?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from having a hydrofacial as it works for all skin types, whether oily, normal, or sensitive, and is suitable for all skin tones. Hydrofacials will improve your skin significantly by reducing imperfections such as clogged pores, acne, lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It will also improve your overall skin condition and complexion regardless of age.

Steps of a Hydrofacial

A hydrofacial is noninvasive and uses a combination of various methods. The machine has a handpiece that is attached to a tube which is attached to a few tanks. In the first stage of your hydrofacial, your skin will be cleaned with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup and skincare products. 

The next step includes a handpiece. The handpiece has several functions, including the following:

  • The tip is used for mechanical exfoliation as it moves across your skin. The tip of the handpiece is slightly sharp to help clean off dead cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production without causing any damage to your skin. It is often done in conjunction with a chemical peel to aid in removing dead skin cells.
  • It vacuums your dead skin cells and sucks out your pores.
  • The tip is also a high-pressure sprayer that infuses nutrients and serums deep into your skin and pores while simultaneously sucking it back in through the vacuum tubes to remove dirt, bacteria, accumulated sebum, and product residue.
  • Injecting a hydrating formula into the skin to help fight inflammation and provide nourishment. The formulas used in this part are generally formulated for the person’s needs and usually contain hyaluronic acid, which helps with moisturization and plumping your skin.

The whole hydrofacial is done with the same handpiece, and the technician will switch the modes of the device to perform various functions.

After Your Hydrofacial

Hydrofacials are typically performed by a licensed skincare professional, and the procedure usually takes about thirty minutes to an hour. You can immediately return to your normal activities after the treatment, as no downtime or recovery period is required.

Most people say it feels like a regular facial. The good news is your skin will look amazing immediately after your treatment, and your pores will appear smaller within a few days.

You can get a hydrofacial once a month at your local medspa for maintenance to keep your skin clean and help prevent acne breakouts.

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