What is an Oxygen Infusion Facial?

Many of us are always seeking new and better ways to take care of our skin. Dermatologists and skincare companies are still learning new things about our skin and what can benefit it. That research has led to breakthroughs like the oxygen infusion facial.

These facials reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve circulation, and enhance collagen production.

But what are they? Do they work? Let’s dive into the world of oxygen infusion.

The Basics?

An oxygen infusion facial is performed by an aesthetician. The procedures are non-medical, which means no chemical usage, and nothing is injected. These facials work by using our body’s need for oxygen. The theory behind them is that the skin cells are completely oxygenated with an oxygen facial and will appear brighter and healthier.

The procedure begins with exfoliation. Every spa is different but typically uses a wand to spray a stream of pressurized oxygen to the face. Afterward, the aesthetician applies a serum (typically containing hyaluronic acid) to the skin with a specialized wand after the oxygen step.

The length of time used to complete the facial varies but typically averages around 30 minutes to an hour. There is no necessary recovery time after the facial is complete. You can even apply makeup when finished if you like.

Oxygen Infusion Facial Benefits

Clients report their skin looks healthier and brighter because of the facials. There are even before and after pictures that support this claim. There, unfortunately, is no scientific research to support the claim.

Facial Benefits

  • Added radiance. Some believe the primary benefit of oxygen facials is that they help the pores more easily absorb hyaluronic acid and other beneficial serums’ ingredients.
  • Hydration. Oxygen aids the infusion of the serums into the skin. The oxygen wand is like a little tube that adds ingredients. Your skin should look and feel highly hydrated.
  • Less acne. Oxygen accelerates wound healing and may also kill some bacteria. For this reason, places with low levels of oxygen, such as airplanes, sometimes cause skin issues. For these reasons, oxygen facials can calm acne and kill Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, which causes some acne types.
  • More even skin tone. Oxygen facials may deliver a significant quantity of vitamins or botanical ingredients to your skin, which often results in bright, glowing skin.
  • Fine line reduction. Oxygen facials can help improve blood circulation to the face, which helps skin look bright and plump.

Oxygen Infusion Facial Possible Side Effects

  • Allergic reactions. If you’re allergic to any skincare ingredients, make sure you tell your aesthetician. Stop use of any products that create itching, swelling, pain, or prolonged redness.
  • Temporary redness of the skin. For sensitive skin, the serum and the oxygen can cause redness, which should fade within a few hours of the procedure. This is common with many procedures that include acids, abrasions, or other mild skin irritants.
  • Puffiness or facial swelling: Inflammation is possible because of the use of oxygen directly on the face. This process can cause the skin to look swollen or plumped.

How Often Should You Get an Oxygen Infusion Facial?

Dermatologists recommend getting facials once a month. But oxygen facials exfoliate less than regular facials. Thus, it would help if you asked an aesthetician or your dermatologist to determine the best schedule for you to follow.

Oxygen facials help your skin maintain a youthful and healthy look. Dermatologists sometimes recommend facial for people in their 20s. You can get one at any age. But you might consider more decadent treatments, like lasers and micro-needling, as you age.

Costs of Oxygen Infusion Facials

Oxygen facial pricing varies depending on where you live and where you have the procedure performed. The fee generally averages around $75-$150, but can cost you more.

Whatever the price, make certain you are getting the procedure done by a trained professional.

Does Insurance Cover  Oxygen Infusion Facials?

Insurance doesn’t typically cover facials. They are considered a cosmetic procedure. But, your provider might cover the procedure if you have certain skin conditions. It would be regarded as a skin treatment.

OTC Oxygen Infusion Facial Kits

There are many over-the-counter kits available that you can use at home. Typically, the results are not as positive. Oxygen-containing products aid in cell metabolism (shedding skin cells.) Read the instructions for the kit ultimately to be sure you are using the products properly.

Oxygen Facials vs. Other Facials

Treatments that have similar results to oxygen facials include:

  • Microdermabrasion is typically a safe exfoliating treatment that improves the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, and more
  • HydraFacials are three-step-treatments that remove impurities in pores through a vacuum-like process, which begins with a cleanse and peel, followed by extraction and hydration, and ends with fuse and protection.

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