DIY Lash Extensions? Think Again!

In the pursuit of waking up flawless, eyelash extensions have undoubtedly been a game-changer for most. There are plenty of do-it-yourself beauty routines online, but when it comes to eyelash extensions, they’re best left to the professionals. While it might be tempting to save money, there are a few pitfalls of attempting to do your own eyelashes at home. 

From potential eye irritation to natural lash damage, we want you to know some dangers of attempting this tedious service yourself. Let’s explore some common risks with at-home lash extensions and why a professional touch is irreplaceable.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Done?

Eyelash extensions differ from false lashes, which are strip-based and temporarily glued at just about your natural lash line using eyelash glue.

Eyelash extensions, whether natural or synthetic, consist of individual lashes that are meticulously attached one by one to each of your own lashes with a semi-permanent adhesive. These extensions stay in place until the natural lash they are attached to sheds, typically a few weeks after application.

A professional eyelash appointment usually goes something like this:

  • You’re reclined in a comfortable position to stay in place while your lash technician works.
  • Your lash technician will secure your lower lashes with medical tape to prevent them from sticking to your upper lashes during the service.
  • Using tweezers, your lash artist dips a lash extension into a special adhesive and attaches it to an isolated single natural lash.
  • This process is repeated for each lash until your desired look is finished.

Considering that the average person has between 90 to 160 lashes on each upper eyelid, the entire process can take a few hours. Your lash tech has been trained professionally to safely and properly place each lash extension to create a specific look with different lengths and amounts of curl of each lash, so the time it takes is worth it!

The Dangers of DIY Lash Extensions

While DIY lash extensions can be tempting for those who want longer and fuller lashes without the cost and time it takes to be done by a professional, there are several potential dangers and risks when applying lash extensions at home.

  • Eye Irritation — Misapplying lash extensions can lead to irritation, redness, itching, and overall eye discomfort. The adhesive and extension materials may contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or sensitivities. Aside from eye irritation from glue, you also are using very sharp tweezers near your eye, which can result in some nasty consequences if any accidents happen!
  • Damage to Natural Lashes Inexperienced application may cause damage to your natural lashes. Pulling, tugging, or using too much adhesive can weaken or even break your own lashes. Over time, this can lead to sparse and damaged natural lashes.
  • Infection — Poorly sanitized tools, dirty hands, or improperly applied extensions can introduce bacteria into your eye area, potentially leading to eye infections like conjunctivitis or styes.
  • Allergic Reactions — Some people may be allergic to the adhesives, lash extension materials, or even the fumes from the glue. Allergic reactions can cause redness, swelling, itching, and overall discomfort. With a professional lash tech, they may have multiple options for glue adhesive if you have any sensitivities.
  • Misapplication — Achieving a symmetrical, natural look with DIY lash extensions can be challenging. Uneven or clumped lashes can be difficult to fix without any professional help.
  • Difficulty When Removing If you decide to remove the extensions, it can be challenging to do so without causing damage to your natural lashes. Attempting to remove them at home can lead to lash breakage and even bald spots.
  • Unpredictable Results Achieving professional-level results with DIY lash extensions can be challenging and near impossible to do for yourself. You may end up with a less desirable effect or unnatural appearance.
  • Wasted Time and Money In the long run, if the DIY application doesn’t go as planned, you might spend even more time and money to correct the issues or have to seek professional help you were avoiding in the first place!

Find a Professional Lash Artist at DulceLash

To minimize the risks of DIY lash extensions, it’s best to have them applied by a trained and experienced lash technician in a reputable salon or spa. Your eyes are a precious asset, and the potential consequences of attempts at home lash extensions are not worth the gamble. With professional expertise, you not only ensure the outcome you’re looking for, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you are in the right hands and can safely have the beautiful lashes you desire.

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