Should I Get Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Are you looking to keep up with celebrities, influencers, and the latest health, beauty, and fashion trends? Are you looking for that distinguishing beauty treatment that will really make your facial features pop? Enter volume eyelash extensions. 

Most of us would love those naturally full and fluffy eyelashes that some are born with, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Eyelash extensions can help to enhance your eyes and overall appearance.

Venturing into professional lash extensions can be tricky if you aren’t sure what kind of lashes to get or what the process will be like. Keep reading to learn about volume eyelash extensions and whether they are the right choice for you. 

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Sometimes, mascara and serums aren’t enough to keep your lashes full and high-volume. When you need that extra boost, eyelash extensions may be the answer.

Eyelash extensions, in contrast to mascaras and other beauty products, are fibers that are applied strand by strand directly to your natural lashes. These fibers can be silk, synthetic, or faux mink and are applied using a semi-permanent glue. It’s a lengthy and tedious process, but the results are incredible and instantly enhance your appearance. 

Volume Lash Extensions 

While classic extensions might suit some, volume lash extensions give you a more dramatic look. With fuller and voluminous lashes, your eyes will instantly pop. 

Unlike classic extensions, volume lash extensions (typically .05 to .07 mm in diameter) use two or more lash extensions per natural eyelash. Eyelash technicians can customize the look for each individual, and volume extensions last longer than classic lash extensions. Volume lashes leave you with an eyeshadow effect and a more defined lash line, making them an excellent option for those looking for natural-looking, fuller lashes. 

Types of Volume Lash Extensions

  • Russian volume lash extensions give you a thicker and darker lash line by applying two to six lashes to each natural lash. This will give you the appearance of wearing eyeliner even though you’re not.
  • Hybrid volume lashes are a combination style application using both volume lashes and classic lashes, giving you a more natural look with wispy, staggered, and textured eyelashes. These have become increasingly popular thanks to the Kardashian clan!
  • Mega volume lash extensions are more advanced and use six or more lash extensions per natural eyelash. These extensions are the thinnest type of eyelash extension, giving you that mega-volume look without the mega-volume mascara. The beauty industry tends to hype the mega volume lash look as well.

Reasons to Get Volume Eyelash Extensions

Now that you know what volume eyelash extensions are and your options, let’s review some of their benefits. 

Get Natural-Looking Lashes Without Adhesive Strips

If you’ve ever tried applying fake lashes at home, adhesive style, you know they aren’t the most subtle. From the adhesive strip or glue line to the possibility of them popping out of place, they can be more hassle than they’re worth. With volume lash extensions, you get a high-quality lash application to your natural eyelashes, creating a seamless and natural-looking result. 

Save Time in the Morning

Applying serums, mascara, or false lashes every day can get tedious. However, if you choose volume eyelashes, those long, drawn-out morning routines are a thing of the past. Volume lashes help you save the time of applying the extra eye makeup so you can get right on with your morning. 

Save Money and Get Lashes That Last Longer

If you’re used to using false lashes regularly, you know how costly they can be. False lashes are only designed for single use, meaning you must apply a new set daily. That can financially add up over time. Volume lash extensions, in contrast, can last two to four weeks , meaning you pay for the application and leave with little maintenance until your next appointment. 

Tips for Making Your Volume Lash Extensions Last 

You can do several things to extend the life of your amazing volume eyelash extensions once they have been applied. 

  • Learn how to clean the lash extensions properly. Not all extensions are the same, just like not all cleansers are the same. Pay attention to the tips from your lash technician, as they may have you steer clear of certain cleansers to keep your lashes looking better longer. We recommend Âme Beauty Co. Lash Foam to keep your lashes looking clean and detangled.
  • Avoid waterproof and oil-based products on your eyes, as this may break up the lash glue. 
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this may contribute to lashes falling out earlier than their “lifespan” or cause irritation to your eyes. 

Let Dulce Lash Help Freshen Up Your Look With Volume Eyelash Extensions

The highly-trained lash stylists at Dulce Lash and Skin use a special technique when applying volume eyelash extensions that stylists don’t widely use because of its complexity. We take the extra time because we want to give you the soft, fluffy, feather-like lashes you’ve been looking for. After your appointment, you’ll leave the salon with eyelashes with volume like you’ve never seen.

From basic skin care and elegant, beautiful lashes to medspa procedures and gentle body waxing, Dulce Lash and Skin keeps your skin glowing from head to toe. With four convenient locations in Seattle, Bellevue, and Mercer Island and Issaquah a full bevy of skincare services, our highly skilled master aestheticians will guide you through a personalized plan to address all your skincare needs.

So drop us a line for more information or to book your appointment today!