What to Know About Classic Eyelash Extensions

If you have ever dreamt of having effortlessly gorgeous “I woke up like this” lashes, eyelash extensions may be the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty. The world of eyelash extensions has blossomed into an industry that offers various options to suit different preferences and needs.

We’re here to offer you a guide about classic eyelash extensions, helping you understand what they are, how they differ from other styles, how to care for them, and so much more.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are popular for those looking to achieve a timeless, elegant look. They involve attaching a single synthetic lash extension to your natural lashes. The result is a natural yet enhanced appearance that adds length, thickness, and depth to your eyelashes.

Classic vs. Hybrid vs. Volume: What Works For Me?

While classic eyelash extensions are 1:1 with one extension to one natural lash, hybrid and volume sets offer variations in terms of fullness and drama.

Classic Set

As mentioned, classic eyelash extensions are the most natural-looking option. They offer subtle length and thickness.

Hybrid Set

Hybrid extensions combine both classic and volume techniques. This means you’ll have a mix of single extensions and multiple thinner extensions on each natural lash, providing a balance between natural and dramatic.

Volume Set

Volume extensions use even thinner lashes and attach multiple extensions to a single natural lash. This results in a much fuller, more dramatic effect. Volume sets are perfect for those who desire a bold look similar to the effects of strip lashes.

Classic Eyelash Extention Application

Getting classic eyelash extensions is a relaxing and transformative experience. Some people even call it a “lash nap”! Your eyelash extension appointment will typically last 1.5 to 2 hours for a full set.

Here is how the process works:

  • Consultation — Your lash technician will start with a consultation to understand your preferences and discuss the look you want to achieve.
  • Preparation — Your eyes will be cleaned, and under-eye patches will be applied to protect your lower lashes and skin. 
  • Application — Using a specially formulated adhesive, your technician will attach individual lash extensions to your natural lashes. This requires a steady hand and precision.
  • Drying Time — The adhesive needs time to set, so you’ll be asked to keep your eyes closed.
  • Finishing Touches — After the adhesive has thoroughly dried, your technician will comb through your lashes to ensure they are perfectly separated and have a natural flow.

Caring For Your Classic Eyelash Extensions

To enjoy the full benefits of your extensions and keep them looking their best, you’ll need to follow some essential care guidelines after your appointment:

  • Be Gentle — Avoid any rubbing or pulling on your lashes. Treat them with care when cleansing your face or removing any makeup.
  • Use Oil-Free Products — Oil-based products can weaken the adhesive, causing extensions to fall out faster. Stick to oil-free makeup removers and cleaners.
  • Brush Daily — Gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand or spoolie to maintain their shape and prevent tangling.
  • Regular Fills — Classic eyelash extensions require maintenance. Depending on your natural lash growth cycle, you’ll need to schedule a fill appointment every 2 to 4 weeks to replace any lost extensions to maintain your desired look. 

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

When lash extensions are applied correctly by a skilled technician, classic eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. It’s important to choose a reputable lash lounge or lash technician to ensure the safety and health of your lashes. 

Proper aftercare is key to preserving your natural lashes and not overloading them with excessively heavy extensions. Additionally, practicing good hygiene will help maintain the health of your natural lashes.

How Often Do You Need a Fill?

Classic eyelash extensions require regular fills to maintain their fullness. As mentioned above, you’ll typically need to schedule a fill every 2 to 4 weeks. The exact frequency may vary depending on your lash growth cycle and personal preferences. During a fill appointment, your lash technician will assess the condition of your extensions and replace any that have naturally shed or fallen out.

Beautiful Classic Eyelash Extensions at DulceLash

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